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Build strong in-person relationships, by Birdie Bartholomew

By Rachael Love on Jan 7, 2020 10:57:06 AM

Power User Spotlight: Birdie Bartholomew, Happy Returns

Birdie's Hack: Build strong in-person relationships

Build strong relationships and take every opportunity you can to do so in person! There are a lot of companies out there solving problems, selling you things and wanting to work with you. Differentiate yourself by listening to them, getting creative in how you can solve their obstacles and go out of your way to meet them in person. In fact, make it a point to get to know the entire team and not just the decision maker. When I began building the Happy Returns relationship with Rothy’s, the VP of Operations was my main point of contact and primary decision maker. But, I went out of my way to individually get to know members of the Ops, Finance, Tech, Marketing & Product teams because I knew our integration and partnership would impact every single one of them. Make yourself an invaluable resource to your prospect before, during, and after the sales process is complete.

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January 2020 eCommerce Trade Show Preview

By Rachael Love on Jan 2, 2020 10:19:46 AM

New year, new trade shows! As we kick off 2020, we wanted to share the top eCommerce events taking place this month.

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Leverage previous conversations, by Jessica Rayner

By Rachael Love on Nov 21, 2019 4:53:02 PM

Power User Spotlight: Jessica Rayner, Clutch

Jessica's Hack: Leverage Previous Conversations

It's so important to always leverage previous conversations when reaching out cold. Referencing previous interactions will go a long way to show a prospect that you remember them and you value any communication with them. As you build rapport with prospects, and perhaps you find out something on a more personal level such as an upcoming vacation they're taking, it always goes a long way to reference any details you learned about them previously. This small touch shows openness and transparency in how you relate to your prospects! 

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Ask the right questions, by Mariam Avetisyan

By Rachael Love on Oct 23, 2019 4:33:17 PM

Power User Spotlight: Mariam Avetisyan, Annex Cloud 

Mariam's Hack: Ask the right questions

There is not really one sales hack, but one of my favorites is asking the right questions. Our ability to provide the right solution to our prospects depends on the questions we will ask. If we form our questions correctly, they will lead us where we want to go. Sometimes we get carried away with the conversation, focus on the things that are not important. We forget to ask the most important questions to determine our prospects needs, pain points, whether we are dealing with the right person, or if there is a fit between our companies. Doing prior research about the prospect and writing down our questions can help prepare for our call or meeting. Also, it’s better to ask questions rather than make assumptions.

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The Difference Between Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce

By Rachael Love on Oct 10, 2019 3:20:27 PM

If you are looking for eCommerce Leads and wondering how many online retailers use Magento, you are not alone.  It can be even more confusing when trying to determine how many etailers are utilizing each edition of Magento. Not to worry, we can help.

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October 2019 eCommerce Trade Show Preview

By Rachael Love on Oct 2, 2019 9:28:46 AM

Q4 is officially underway and the online retail community has another action-packed month of eCommerce events to look forward to. Whether you're planning to attend or simply want info on "what's going on" this month, here is our list of the top eCommerce conferences happening in October

These events were taken from our list of “Top 40 eCommerce Trade Shows.”

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Use a personalized approach to connect with prospects, by Morgan Kamins

By Rachael Love on Sep 17, 2019 11:29:25 AM

Power User Spotlight: Morgan Kamins, Klarna

Morgan's Hack: Use a personalized approach to connect with prospects

My sales hack is to approach each conversation with a current or prospective retailer as a way to get to know them and their business on a more personal level and to use alternative avenues of outreach to your advantage. 

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Be genuine, curious, and passionate, by Nico Santos

By Rachael Love on Aug 12, 2019 11:35:52 AM

Power User Spotlight: Nico Santos, Drip


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August 2019 eCommerce Trade Show Preview

By Rachael Love on Aug 5, 2019 2:16:33 PM

With August officially underway, we wanted to share the top eCommerce trade shows taking place over the next few weeks. These conferences offer excellent networking opportunities and innovative strategies for those in the eCommerce industry. Be sure to check out the below events to learn more about each conference.

These events were taken from our list of “Top 40 eCommerce Trade Shows.”

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July 2019 eCommerce Trade Show Preview

By Rachael Love on Jul 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

As many of our users gear up to celebrate Independence Day this week, we wanted to share "what's going on" later this month. 

These events were taken from our list of “Top 40 eCommerce Trade Shows.”

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