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Diversify Your Outreach by Eliana Hall

By Rachael Love on Sep 7, 2023 9:54:48 AM

Power User Spotlight: Eliana Hall, Proto AI

Eliana's Sales Hack: Diversify Your Outreach

EH-modifiedAlways be persistent and use all methods of communication you have. Leverage email, calls, voicemail, and LinkedIn spaced out over the course of several weeks to avoid redundancy. Utilizing multiple methods of outreach ensures that you'll be on your prospects' radar! 


etailinsights Power User Interview

Eliana, what is your favorite restaurant in Portland, Maine and why?

Vietnamese Sandwiches - a food truck in Portland, ME. They have delicious food and it's right on the water at a beautiful park! 

What drove you to begin a sales career in eCommerce?

I love the flexibility of working from home so I can be with my son, and I have always enjoyed meeting new people (albeit virtually) and hearing their stories. It's so cool to see so many unique brands out there!

How does Proto AI help etailers? 

Proto AI creates a hyper-personalized digital experience for consumers. We automatically recommend items that are complementary to the item being looked at, which helps our customers see an increase in cart size and average order value. We do all of this at a price that is affordable for small, medium, and large companies.

How are you using etailinsights to find eCommerce leads?

I always use the etailinsights Chrome Extension when I am on a brand's website. This pulls up relevant prospects and their contact info, which I use for outbound calls and emails. I also like that there is a button next to the prospect's name which brings you directly to their LinkedIn page. This makes it quick and easy to check their page for relevant info to help me personalize my emails and connect with them. I also appreciate that I can submit a website to be profiled by etailinsights, if it's not already in the system.

What is your favorite eCommerce Conference and why?

CommerceNext! It's a great event to connect with brands, innovators, and thought leaders in eCommerce. The Proto AI team attended this year and took home the CommerceNexty Award for Favorite Solution Provider! 

Written by Rachael Love

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