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Personalize Your Emails, by Zach Francque

By Darren Pierce on Oct 17, 2018 10:43:56 AM

Power User Spotlight: Zach Francque, ATTRAQT


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Search by Segment, by Jabari Dortch

By Darren Pierce on Mar 21, 2018 10:20:53 AM

Power User Spotlight: Jabari DortchAsendia USA

Jabari's Hack: Search by Different Segments to Get Into a Flow

My suggestion for a hack would be to search by different segments. For example, spend a day searching for only apparel companies, and then spend another day searching for book sellers, and so on. Going after the same type of products helps you get into a flow, and you can tailor your pitch to that industry.

etailinsights Power User Interview

Jabari, what is your favorite restaurant in Philadelphia and why?

Del Frisco’s serves the best steak I’ve had in Philly. They are located on the ground floor of the historic and beautiful Packard Building, which was previously home to First Pennsylvania Bank. Del Frisco’s also has a private dining room which is located inside an intact underground bank vault.

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Send Relevant and Customized Messages, by Michael Foy

By Darren Pierce on Jan 31, 2018 8:34:57 PM

Power User Spotlight: Michael Foy, Inmar

Michael's Hack: Kill the General Seed Letter and Generic Cold Calls

 In today's prospecting world, we HAVE to know in detail what a potential prospect will need based on research and tie it to their product, balance sheet, competitors, etc. A modern-day prospector HAS to figure it out versus wasting time on the same general emails and voicemails these prospects are getting 10 times a day.


etailinsights Power User Interview

Michael, what is your favorite restaurant in Dallas and why?

Papas Brothers Steaks. Dallas has tons of outstanding steak restaurants, but their attention to detail and perfect execution of your steak is second to none. Their sides are robust and always a delight.

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Think Outside the Box, by Barbara Rausch

By Darren Pierce on Dec 20, 2017 2:14:13 AM

Power User Spotlight: Barbara Rausch, RRD

Barbara's Hack: Find Creative Solutions for a Customer's Problems 

My customers are etailers, and etailers are innovators. They are entrepreneurs and go-getters. Before I started my career in sales many years ago, I was a customer service representative. I was on the other end of that phone, usually fixing something my previous organization had done wrong. As a sales person now, it’s my job to think ten steps ahead and find creative solutions to my customer’s complex problems. Balancing my customer’s budget, their transit needs, and their customer’s expectations when shipping a package across the planet is a delicate matter – one that can be done with innovative ideas and the right team of people to make it happen. That’s where RRD makes that magic happen for our customers.


etailinsights Power User Interview

Barbara, what is your favorite restaurant in Los Angeles and why?

Mastros Ocean Club in Newport Beach is one of those amazing restaurants where the service and food are second to none. If you don’t mind a decent dent to your credit card, this place is fabulous for an amazing anniversary, birthday, or any special occasion. It’s on the coast of Newport Beach, and if you’re lucky (and early), you may be able to score a window seat with the view of the beautiful California coastline. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary here last year, and the meal was one we will never forget.

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Make Your Sales Calls During Lunch, by Evan Babineaux

By Darren Pierce on Oct 31, 2017 11:59:06 AM

Power User Spotlight: Evan S. Babineaux, DHL eCommerce

Evan's Hack:  Visit Online Retailers during Lunch 

If you’re calling on small to medium sized businesses, lunch is often a good time to catch the owners. Just like salespeople, they work during times when most are taking breaks.


etailinsights Power User Interview

Evan, what is your favorite restaurant in Dublin and why?

Tucci’s in Dublin, OH. It has the best patio and a small but well thought out menu. The buildings in downtown Dublin, OH are all from the 19th Century, which adds a nice touch. It’s also within walking distance to many other bars and dessert shops for after the meal. It’s my go-to for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

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Cold-Calling is NOT Dead, by Ally Paul

By Darren Pierce on Oct 18, 2017 10:46:21 AM

Power User Spotlight: Ally Paul, Monetate

Ally's Hack:  Reach out to prospects in multiple channels. 

In this day and age, social selling is a huge tactic that I think all salespeople should use. In addition, do all the research you can beforehand to make sure you're reaching out to the correct contact at a company. If you're blasting multiple people at a company, not only is that time consuming, but you will most likely get put on a blacklist, and they won't even see emails from your company in the future.

My last piece of advice would be to personalize your messaging. Prospects don't want to hear robotic pitches or see template-like emails all day, especially when they're in an industry that gets these messages from thousands of vendors every day. Do something to stand out.

Also - the phone/cold-calling is NOT dead...

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Focus on Customers Winning, by TJ Eilau

By Darren Pierce on Sep 13, 2017 3:55:37 PM

Power User Spotlight: TJ Eilau, Moovweb

TJ's Hack:  Focus on customers winning. 

This is one of Moovweb's Core Values and something I try to represent in my work. 

Sales is all about understanding needs and delivering value, and in order to do this well you need to align yourself with the customer's world and care about their success. Moovweb as a company works towards this goal from pre-sales all the way through to customer success. We develop strong relationships with our customers and strive to offer value at every step.

With this in mind, their success is our success and vice versa, so we get to share in victories together, all while strengthening our partnerships.

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Organization and Dedicated Time Lead to Results, by Madeleine Duff

By Darren Pierce on Jul 19, 2017 4:00:21 AM

Power User Spotlight: Madeleine Duff, Sidecar

Madeleine's Hack:  Organize Your Day.

My golden rule is to be organized and keep up with my pipeline. Etailinsights is very helpful for saving time, finding more prospects, and closing business. There are so many companies tucked away in the database of etailinsights, and if you carve out time to do some research, your learnings will be endless.

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Know Yourself and Your Industry, by Sarah Gilbert

By Darren Pierce on Jun 13, 2017 12:13:32 PM

Power User Spotlight: Sarah Gilbert, Yottaa

Know yourself as a salesperson and the industry that you sell to, and rock it! Time management skills are important, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and network. And you can't forget to use the best sales enablement tools such as etailinsights!

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Precision Targeting, by Courtney Gringas

By Darren Pierce on Apr 19, 2017 2:36:27 PM

Power User Spotlight: Courtney Gringas, FuturePay

Courtney's Hack: Precision Targeting 

The more precise you can be, the better success you’ll have. With etailinsights you can narrow down exactly the companies that fit your ideal target and then refine even further right to down to identifying the decision maker you need to connect with. This helps you get to the right prospect quickly and not waste your time sorting through leads that are not in your ideal client profile.

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