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Use Your Resources & Tools to Build Strong Relationships by Patrick LeMoine

By Rachael Love on Nov 22, 2023 10:11:58 AM

Power User Spotlight: Patrick LeMoine, Canada Post

Patrick's Sales Hack: Use Your Resources & Tools to Build Strong Relationships

PL-modifiedAssess and effectively use your resources and tools to build strong relationships with the people and businesses you're pursuing. By using the tools around you well, you will be better prepared as you begin your prospecting efforts. Having a deep understanding of a prospect's business lays an amazing foundation as you begin the relationship.

etailinsights Power User Interview

Patrick, what is your favorite restaurant where you live and why?

I am lucky enough to travel for work and like to try different places when I am in a new city. That said, whenever I’m in Phoenix, I always hit up Pizzeria Bianco. It offers amazing stone-baked pizza, great staff, a welcoming ambiance, and is in the heart of the city. And the good news is that they have multiple locations. 

What drove you to begin a sales career in eCommerce?

I saw an opportunity to jump into a quickly growing category with a fantastic company, in Canada Post. I had worked in advertising for years and was looking for a change of direction when this opportunity came up, and I couldn’t say no. It has been a bit of a learning curve for me, but it has been an amazing journey seeing the eCommerce growth in Canada.

How does Canada Post help etailers? 

We look to help our commercial customers through investment in our operations, people, and technology, all while providing environmentally sustainable shipping options. One of the other things that makes us unique is our ability to not only provide a best-in-class delivery experience but, through our powerful marketing solutions, help our customers find, target, and communicate with new prospects, as well as existing ones, to help drive their business.

How are you using etailinsights to find eCommerce leads?

I always like to personalize my initial notes and communications to prospects, and the details in etailinsights allow me to really gain an in-depth understanding of their business. With etailinsights, I know the platforms eCommerce stores use, carrier options, order volumes, and much more, which lets me get specific when I reach out. Having this knowledge in hand opens far more doors, and prospects appreciate when the person on the other end knows their business.

What is your favorite eCommerce Conference and why?

I typically attend 5 or 6 conferences every year, and they all have unique traits that make them valuable, but I have noticed a trend in the last few years. Some offer the ability to set up “speed-dating” meetings before the actual show, allowing both parties to ensure they are meeting the “right” people and having short but meaningful conversations. 

Written by Rachael Love

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