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Streamline Lead Qualification by Lisa Rovner

By Rachael Love on Apr 8, 2024 12:52:18 PM

Power User Spotlight: Lisa Rovner, Radial

Lisa's Sales Hack: Streamline Lead Qualification


We’ve established an upfront qualification process to prioritize leads based on diverse attributes and swiftly disqualify incompatible ones. This qualification process helps us use resources more efficiently and see a better overall conversion rate. etailinsights contributes to this process by providing valuable information on these attributes. The smooth integration with our CRM enables our sales team to easily access and leverage this critical information.

etailinsights Power User Interview

Lisa, what is your favorite restaurant where you live and why?

My favorite restaurant is a family-owned Italian-Mediterranean eatery called Arpeggio, located just outside Philadelphia. This BYOB establishment offers an authentic dining experience with Greek-sourced olive oil, delectable hummus, and flavorful entrees. The family-friendly atmosphere and delightful chocolate mints make it a must-visit culinary gem.

What drove you to begin a revenue operations career in eCommerce?

As a working mom, I’ve experienced the transformative impact of eCommerce. I consider myself fortunate to be involved in an industry that continually generates revenue through digital channels, making online shopping more convenient for individuals like me who rely on its flexibility.

How does Radial help etailers? 

Radial is the leader in eCommerce solutions that fulfills promises from click to delivery. We streamline the fulfillment process for leading eCommerce brands by enhancing efficiency, reducing overhead, and ensuring timely delivery to meet customer expectations. Radial specializes in tailored, scalable eCommerce fulfillment solutions for mid-market and enterprise brands. We ensure seamless transitions from cart to customer with our comprehensive strategies that provide an edge in today’s competitive market.

How are you using etailinsights to find eCommerce leads?

We leverage etailinsights to construct target lists aligned with qualifying criteria, ensuring alignment with our ideal client profile. This tool seamlessly integrates into our CRM, providing readily available data for our sales and marketing teams. The team relies on etailinsights to explore retail segments, update contacts, and obtain pertinent information about companies. My dedication lies in driving efficiency, streamlining processes, and embracing continuous improvement, all of which are empowered by etailinsights. We trust the data accuracy and appreciate its simple integration. Our team consistently discovers new ways to maximize the value of etailinsights. 

Written by Rachael Love

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