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Qualify Prospects with the Shopping Cart Analyzer by Zabe Agha

By Rachael Love on Apr 3, 2023 5:05:57 PM

Power User Spotlight: Zabe Agha, Metrical

Zabe's Sales Hack: Qualify Prospects with the Shopping Cart Analyzer

Auranzeb Profile pic - latest-modifiedMy simple sales hack that I use practically everyday is to utilize the etailinsights Shopping Cart Analyzer Chrome extension. When I’m exploring a prospect's website, clicking the Chrome extension is my first step. It immediately tells me the size of the company, their technology platforms, and serves as a convenient gateway to jump straight into etailinsights to get more in-depth information about the company.

Starting with the Shopping Cart Analyzer helps me sift through all the possibilities, enabling me to focus on target prospects. I then enhance it by using Technology Spy to assess which prospects are more compatible than others and identify where we can showcase a customer success story. This, combined with Advanced Search functionality that offers pre-configured searches and simplified filtering makes pulling a list of prospects that fit a particular criteria a breeze.

etailinsights Power User Interview

Zabe, what is your favorite restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area and why?

I live near Berkeley, in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are so many food options to choose from... picking just one is too difficult! My three favorite cuisines are Pakistani, Mexican, and Italian. So I’d have to nominate Shalimar (a complete hole in the wall) in San Francisco, Tacos El Autlense (a taco truck) in Albany, and Agrodolce Osteria in Berkeley. The quality and authenticity of the food at all three of these places is amazing.

What drove you to begin a sales career in eCommerce?

I got into sales when I left an executive role in corporate America and decided to start my own consulting business. I initially started selling to SaaS customers who needed Customer Experience (CX) solutions but realized there was a greater need for customer engagement solutions in eCommerce. This led me down the path of figuring out how to identify the right target at eCommerce companies and selling to them.

How does Metrical help etailers? 

Having seen and analyzed billions of online visits, transactions, and behaviors, Metrical can accurately predict which site visitors need some help, which ones don’t, and which ones are about to leave. We then engage with them and depending on their needs, provide individualized care that results in net new revenue at or above targeted margins.

How are you using etailinsights to find eCommerce leads?

Whenever we identify a prospect we want to consider, our first stop is etailinsights. We start by looking at the company’s revenue to see if they’re large enough for us to service. Next, we look at their eCommerce tech stack, so we can assess compatibility and gain insights into how we can best help them. Once these boxes are checked, we dive into where I think we get the most value from etailinsights - the names and contact information of the management and eCommerce teams at the company. It’s impressive how accurate the contact info is.

What is your favorite eCommerce Conference and why?

Given the size of our company (I consider us a capital efficient startup), I’m not a fan of eCommerce conferences as a vendor. I think they can be really valuable if you’re a larger company with a lot of marketing dollars to throw at a nice booth. If you’re smaller, you can get drowned in a sea of vendors at most conferences. In the past, we have attended Shoptalk, but after the experience, decided we’d attend conferences and walk the floor, but not present. To that end, I think Shoptalk and NRF are where you find most eCommerce retailers and brand attendees.

Written by Rachael Love

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