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Webinar Selling: How To Create a Webinar Your Target Customer Will Attend

By Darren Pierce on Jul 29, 2013 6:00:00 AM

Webinars have come on the scene in recent years as marketing and sales tools.

B2Bs are using webinars to pique the interest of eTail managers. They’re putting together webinars that educate and provide an additional value.

It seems that putting on a webinar is a great way for a company to show its expertise on a subject. By doing this the business can earn trust with potential clients.

If you’re considering webinars as a way to capture more leads for your business here are some of the best tips from around the web.

Narrow Your Focus

We talk all the time about the bullseye customer. Instead of focusing on every eTailer out there, it’s better to focus on your exact target customer in order to find success.

The same is true with webinars.

If you try to cover too much information in one event you’ll spread the content too thin and it won’t be valuable for attendees.

In The Definitive Webinar Marketing Guide, GoToMeeting describes this point. The suggestion is to focus on one pain point, problem, or interest of your target customer and build the content around that topic.

Building Your Attendance

In Best Practices For Webinars, Adobe suggests making your registration forms as easy to fill out as possible. This will make it easy for your eTailer prospects to attend.

Also, make it easy to share the registration information with others. eTailer managers like attending webinars and sometimes they’ll forward it to their colleagues so they can all attend and discuss the content afterward.

Some companies will co-host webinars with other businesses or experts in the industry. By doing this you can tap into the other person’s audience and introduce those people to your business.

HubSpot has some additional tips for getting people to attend your webinar.


Finally, webinars work to build your overall awareness, but the ultimate goal is to increase leads and sales.

By getting registrations you’ll be building your email list. Each registration is a person’s permission for you to send them marketing information.

At the end of your webinars, you’ll also want to provide an additional call-to-action.

Some companies provide a download of some kind such as an eBook or report. You can make this available on your site and capture more information from attendees for your CRM.

You can also let people know that they can submit a form or contact your company to learn more about the products and services you offer.

Doing this at the end of the webinar makes sense since attendees will feel they’ve gotten some value and if you’ve won them over they should be interested in hearing what you have to offer.

Have you used webinars to increase your leads?

Written by Darren Pierce

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