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3 Ways To Use Social Proof Online To Build A Prospect's Confidence

By Darren Pierce on Jun 2, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Social proof is a sales buzzword that has grown in importance since the rise of social media, review sites, and even just the Internet in general.

Why is social proof so important these days?

The answer is simple: no matter how independent we think we are, we are still swayed by what our peers are saying. And this is especially true for B2B sales.

Here are 3 ways you can begin to use social proof online to sway a prospect’s opinion and build trust and confidence.

Customer Testimonials

This is one of the most common forms of ecommerce social proof. Studies have shown that including these types of testimonials on-site increases conversions. Real stories of current clients having success are more relatable to prospects and can sometimes have a bigger impact than even the best sales pitch

Don’t feel like you have to limit your testimonials to a single page. Sprinkle them around your site to remind customers of your past success.

Logo Cloud

Logo clouds are a powerful way to demonstrate your knowledge in a particular field without having to print a single word. In many cases, etailers want to know whom you’ve worked with in the past so they can judge your level of expertise.

A solid, visual portfolio of clients can make quite the impact. Our logo cloud is located in our banner so prospects clearly see our range of experiences the moment they’re on the site.

Media Mentions

Media mentions are especially effective in the B2B space. Getting shout-outs from big names like Entrepreneur, Forbes or The Wall Street Journal shouldn’t be taken lightly. Feature those shout-outs throughout your website, and especially on your blog.

You may not be getting attention from Forbes, but this strategy still holds true for industry bloggers who aren’t as well-known universally. Any positive mentions are worth featuring.

As long as we have a functioning society (which I hope is always), prospects are going to be swayed by social proof, so make sure you are using resources to your advantage to provide them the evidence they’re looking for.

Do you service ecommerce clients? See how the etailinsights can take your lead generation to the next level!

Written by Darren Pierce

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