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4 Proven Ways To Show Your etailer Clients You Care (Without Annoying Them)

By Darren Pierce on May 28, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Smart businesses understand the importance of showing client appreciation. Life-long customers are the best kind of customers, and one way to turn first-time customers into lifers is to make sure they know that you appreciate them.

Here are 5 proven ways to show your etailer clients that you care.

1) Send A Handwritten Note

Yes—even in the online B2B space where everyone loves technology and social media, a good old-fashioned hand-written note says volumes about you as a company. Pen and paper still have a lot of sway these days, so don’t hesitate to send your appreciation via snail-mail when your client achieves something great and surpasses a milestone.

2) Keep Them Up-To-Date

Auto-emails and newsletters are useful and efficient, but following up with a personal email to see if they have any questions about the latest product release shows you care about how that new release can benefit them.

3) Pay Attention To The Little Issues

The best way to exceed expectations is to put effort into the little issues that even the clients know aren’t that important. Catastrophic customer service issues where you have to swoop in and save the day don’t come up often (luckily), but you do have an opportunity with every little problem to impress clients when they’re not expecting it.

4) Bend The Rules

Don’t ever do something that’ll compromise your own values, but I’m always impressed and feel really valued when a rep bends the rules to make something right. It makes me think, Hey, this guy’s willing to go above and beyond for me even though we both know what the rules say about this issue. According to the contract, he could just blow me off . . . but he’s not.

Showing customers you care is more of an art than a science, and few companies know how to do it correctly. Follow these simple tips to help your etailer clients feel appreciated.

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Written by Darren Pierce

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