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3 Tips For Improving Your Current Value Proposition

By Darren Pierce on May 26, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Good communication is the name of the game, and it seems like a given that a company would be able to explain the ever-important question—why should you buy from us? But in reality, this value proposition is more difficult to communicate than you’d expect.

Even though companies know their products inside and out, they may not be communicating the value of those products in the most effective way.

Here are 3 tips to help you improve your current value proposition so etailers fully understand how you can make life easier.

1) Make The Results Relatable

Remind customers of their current headaches, and then explain how you can improve their situation.

This involves first understanding the etailer’s problems and then understanding how your product can help to solve those problems. If a certain feature of your product doesn’t solve a customer’s problem, it doesn’t provide them value, so it probably doesn’t need to be mentioned.

Instead of grand, over-arching statements about how awesome your product is, be as specific as possible when talking about which of their problems the product could solve.

2) Use The Customer’s Language

There isn’t a catch-all language that is 100% effective. If you want to reach customers with your message and be able to fully communicate your value, you have to use terms they regularly use and understand.

Filling your message with complicated statements about data and efficiency, although impressive, might not be as effective as simply saying something like, “More leads; Fewer phone calls.” This may relate better to your target customer than technical terms.

Pay attention to how your etailers describe their problems, and try to incorporate similar terminology in your value proposition.

3) Provide Supporting Evidence

Let your past experiences strengthen your current value proposition by being intentional with customer testimonials and social proof.

Reading real stories about real businesses that you have worked with makes the solutions you’re offering even more relatable. The potential outcomes that you’re proposing actually seam real . . . because they will be.

Finding ways to better communicate your value proposition will help with long-term sales and growth.

Are you interested in improving your lead generation strategy? See how etailinsights can help you do that.

Written by Darren Pierce

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