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5 Big B2B Social Media Don'ts That Will Ruin Your Reputation

By Darren Pierce on Feb 5, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Social media is an awesome marketing tool that gives etailers and clients an intimate look at your business. A solid social media strategy can certainly enhance your reputation in your industry, but it takes just one mistake to destroy your own credibility.

Before your next post, make sure to read these 5 big social media don’ts that could do damage to your reputation beyond repair.

1) Vulgar, Obnoxious, Or Confrontational Language

In the short run, being confrontation or using vulgar language can get you a little attention, but in the long run, it can definitely do some personal brand damage. The Internet always wins. Just remember that. Even if you’re right, being vulgar or confrontational can lead to a word war you might not know how to end.

Just ask Amy’s Baking Company who is notorious for having the most epic Facebook meltdown ever.

2) Insensitivity To disaster

Just because a topic is trending doesn’t mean you should comment on it.

When Hurricane Sandy hit, brands like American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and GAP filled their social profiles full of hurricane puns and special, limited-time “Sandy Sales.”

Yikes—not good.

3) Getting Political

I’m sure Chick-Fil-A was the first brand to come to mind when you saw this title. They once brought both religion and politics into a conversation and took some major heat for it.

Again, even if you’re right and your position is justified, it doesn’t mean you should be sharing those opinions with the world.

Remember: if it’s a political statement, it’s safe to assume at least half of your fans aren’t going to agree.

4) Posting Misleading Information

This one is pretty simple—don’t make promises you can’t keep. The moment you don’t deliver on an exaggerated promise, users are going to take to their own personal social networks to make sure their friends hear about it.

5) Automating Tweets & Responses

Automated tweets may seem like a great way to save time, but think about it—not every mention of you or your brand is going to be a positive one. Take the time to respond manually to each situation. Automated tweets just aren’t a good idea.

Use social media to enhance your reputation (not destroy it) by avoiding this shortlist of big social media don’ts.

What’s your favorite social media horror story?

Written by Darren Pierce

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