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3 Secrets To Getting More Done Each Day

By Darren Pierce on Feb 10, 2015 6:00:00 AM

We can all be a little more productive, can't we?

I think so. That's why I'm constantly trying new strategies to save a few minutes in my day and to increase my overall personal productivity. 

The strategies below are three productivity secrets I've adopted that can help you get more done each day.

1) Focus On Each Task At One Time

I know two things about you.

  1. You tend to overload your to-do list
  2. You multitask to try to get it all done

Everyone’s guilty of both.

There’s usually not a lot we can do to shrink our to-do lists, but we can adjust our approach to completing tasks.

Look at it this way. When you have a highway with just a few cars, everyone can get to their destination quickly. Once you add more cars, things slow down and start to jam.

You’ll complete a group of projects at a slower pace than if you were to focus on each project individually.

2) Schedule Uninterrupted Time

On average, it takes 23 minutes to recover from just one little interruption.

Four interruptions later and you’ve just blown an hour and a half trying to re-focus.

Logging off of Facebook and shutting down email is a good start, but you also have to remember that 44% of interruptions are created by you.

Sometimes procrastination is a good thing. Schedule chunks of time for specific projects and put off all those little tasks that don’t need your attention.

3) Capture Random Thoughts & Ideas

When a great new idea hits you in the middle of the night, your brain works hard to remember it if you don’t somehow record it to be able to reference it later.

I just talked about the importance of limiting distractions, and capturing your random thoughts to reference later is a big part of freeing your mind to be able to focus on specific tasks.

Free your mind from the stress of trying to remember these great ideas and write them down!

All it takes are a few simple changes to your routine and how you approach your to-do list and you'll see a steady increase in personal productivity.

What other tips do you have on getting more done each day?

Written by Darren Pierce

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