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5 Clever Ways To Generate More Phone Leads Using Paid Search

By Darren Pierce on Mar 31, 2015 6:00:00 AM

There are two ways to get to the top of the Google search results. One way is to invest in an SEO strategy. The other is to pay Google to put you up there.

Believe me--I’m just as big a fan of free lead gen strategies as you are, but there are many ways salespeople can leverage Google Adwords to generate more phone leads by investing in paid advertisements.

Here are 5 examples you can try.

1) Adwords Call Extensions

Adwords Callout extensions are extra text that displays alongside your text ad in the Google search results pages. Here’s an example.

Studies show that ads with extensions have an 8% higher click-through rate than ads without extensions, and they’re easy to implement. Use this extra space to display a phone number or a unique value proposition. 

2) Add Phone Numbers To Display URLs

Why not put your phone number in more than one place?

Experiment with putting your phone number in both the text ad and the display URL. Make sure both phone numbers match and keep an eye on the click-through rate. If it starts to drop, be quick to switch it back.

3) Use Mobile Specific Ads

Mobile-specific ads have proven to have a higher click-through rate than general ads when a user is on a mobile device. A higher click-through rate means more clicks to your landing page, and more clicks mean potentially more phone calls.

4) Have Your Number Below The Conversion Form

Even though they just clicked through to your landing page, sometimes etailers aren’t necessarily interested in filling out a form. Give them an option to call you by displaying your phone number beneath the conversion form. A phone call is a more valuable type of conversion anyway because you can speak to them personally.

5) Schedule Ads Around Availability

You’re paying for people to click on your ads, so make sure you’re not letting them go to voicemail! This is a simple detail that so many salespeople overlook, and it drives me nuts. You can use custom ad scheduling to make sure your ads are appearing when you’re ready to take calls.

Content marketing and SEO are huge right now, but if you’re willing to pay for clicks you could increase your phone leads.

Are you looking for new ways to generate more phone leads? See how we've helped customers attract hot prospects in the past.

Written by Darren Pierce

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