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Why Your Sales Team Needs To Start Using Analytics

By Darren Pierce on Apr 2, 2015 6:00:00 AM

The amount of digital data out there is staggering. This infographic is a little old, but I think it will help you wrap your head around just how much data is created every minute of every day. You can bet that the numbers are even higher today than when that was first published.

With so much information readily available, it’s crazy for salespeople not to consider using it to improve their lead generation strategies and conversion funnels. Here are three reasons why all salespeople need to start leveraging data in their day-to-day.

1) Some Content Is More Effective At Driving Sales Than Other Content

Content measurement is a process that can help salespeople leverage analytics to identify the best content on their websites.

What if you knew which content was being used by your top salespeople to close sales?  What if you knew when to display that content in the conversion funnel and to which type of prospect?

Knowing this type of information is invaluable! Using analytics like this can help you fully optimize your conversion funnel. It’s the epitome of the old saying, “Work smarter, not harder.”

This is smart sales.

2) Not All Prospects Are Hot Prospects

Here’s another question to consider: what if you could separate the hot prospects from the casual information seekers and then target your sales efforts toward those who are most likely to buy?

You’d save a ton of wasted time.

Lead scoring is a system that uses analytics to help you gauge your potential customer’s level of engagement by tracking online behavior and activity, and you can start doing this if you’re willing to start leveraging analytics.

3) Not All Prospects Have Similar Needs

In such a competitive space, you need to know your etailer prospects inside and out to prevent them from seeking out competitors that offer similar services. Analytics can tell you more about your prospects than just a quick scan of someone's LinkedIn profile.

Analytics can tell you how prospects found your website and even what their interests are. You can pinpoint useful online behavior to then be able to tailor your sales pitch to generate the most promising response.

There’s too much power in analytics for salespeople to keep ignoring it!

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Written by Darren Pierce

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