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How to Use Current Events to Sell Your Services to eTailers

By Darren Pierce on Aug 27, 2013 6:00:00 AM

Building brand reputation is often harder for B2B companies than it is for other businesses, as the target audiences tend to take a pragmatic, financial approach to purchasing decisions.

However, that doesn’t mean that companies that sell to businesses can’t take steps to improve the reputation of their brands. One technique that can be used is something called ‘newsjacking’.

What is Newsjacking?

This method involves spinning breaking currents events stories for brand-building purposes.

By taking these stories, offering an original take on them, and pushing them to etailers by way of social/marketing channels, you can subtly promote your brand.

It is essential to ensure that the current events that you cover are relevant to your company. There is no point trying to tenuously link a completely unconnected story to your business.

The key is to remain relevant, clever, and on topic. Pick your topics wisely, as you could negatively impact your reputation if you are overly blatant in your attempts to use an event to promote your business or if you attempt to cash in on a tragedy.

Search Engine Optimization

Newsjacking is also good for SEO purposes, as it can generate content for your business website.

As well as being located via search engines, the stories that you create can also be spread by way of social media, increasing the number of people who view them.

The strength of newsjacking lies in its subtlety. A lot of online retailers won’t even realize that they are reading an advert, meaning that they will pay more attention to what you have to say.

This technique can establish you as a thought leader, which will improve your reputation and create an image of your business as possessing expert knowledge in its field.

It is an effective means of further developing your brand.

Written by Darren Pierce

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