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10 Sales Experts Every Salesperson Should Follow On Twitter

By Darren Pierce on Dec 5, 2013 6:00:00 AM

Twitter allows you to get into the minds of some of the world’s best salespeople.

Don’t be fooled by some of the (relatively) low follower counts. Everyone on this list provides value in his/her own way by sharing thoughts on today’s most pressing sales topics.

Here is a list of 10 must-follow salespeople. Their Twitter descriptions are included to give you an idea of what they post about.

1. @JeffSheehan

#ATL based Marketing | social media pro | speaker | 30+ years marketing &amp; sales experience | M.S. marketing | LUV travl, photog, &amp; sports |Top 10 List Twitter

Followers: 252,680

2. @MelonieDodaro

Dubbed by the media as Canada’s #1 LinkedIn expert, I love showing businesses, professionals and sales teams how to use LinkedIn &amp; social media strategically.

Followers: 43,493

3. @VincentBass

Profit Strategist, Go-Giver, Millionaire-Maker, Coach, Author, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Sales Expert &amp; Proud Aussie! Love Quote, Rugby (Wallabies!), Cricket

Followers: 18,521

4. @GrandCardone

Push yourself so hard no one else would dare to. Producer &amp; Creator of Cardone Zone and Reality TV show #WhateverItTakes

Followers: 243,012

5. @NancyDrewCoach

North America’s business consultant helping business owners increase productivity, maximize profits and cut costs.

Followers: 6,180

6. @TrendLeyshan

Founder at BOOM! Sales Evangelist! Customer Crusader. Author of Outlaw &amp; The Naked Salesman

Followers: 12,675

7. @SCaseyE

Turning the keys to your home open to the doors to your future – First time home buyers, short sale expert

Followers: 13,723

8. @Marcogiunta

Sales Expert | Startup | A community of salespeople and business owners that love selling. We deliver tips, empowering ideas, and deal closing motivation…daily

Followers: 30,519

9. @AndyPreston

Sales Expert, Authority on Cold Calling &amp; New Business Selling. Tweets about Sales, Business, Photography, &amp; Rugby. Sale Sharks

Followers: 34,006

10. @AnneKeseley

Sales 2.0 author, Reality Works Group (formerly Phone Works) &amp; OracleDirect founder, Inside and Social Sales Evangelist. TEDster

Followers: 4,549

Did I miss any must-follow salespeople?

Written by Darren Pierce

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