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3 Mobile Marketing Strategies Your etailer Clients Need To Know

By Darren Pierce on Oct 9, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Mobile marketing is all the rage right now, and a big reason why is because marketers have unlimited opportunities to leverage the channel in creative ways.

The mobile marketing strategies below are three examples of how your etailer clients can leverage this new medium.

1) Mobile Information Grabbing

With so many people going mobile, you want your mobile user experience to be top-notch, right?

Well, consider this—what part of the buying process bogs down most users?

The checkout.

Typing in all that billing information is such a hassle—so much so that many etailers are willing to temporarily shrink their margins to streamline the process.

These etailers are giving their customers a special discount for buying from a mobile device so the customer’s information gets saved during that initial transaction, making it easier and faster to complete purchases in the future.

2) Time-Sensitive Service Alerts

I don’t know about you, but I have my phone on 24/7, and I check it dozens of times each day. My guess is that most customers have the same habits as I do.

This presents an opportunity for etailers to relay time-sensitive information to customers, encouraging them to act quickly.

Flash sale going on?

Is a popular new product about to be released?

When timed right, SMS alerts or push notifications can grab a user’s attention better than an email because they’re a more personal form of communication. The real-time response may also prompt them to investigate further right at that moment.

3) Mobile Reward Programs

Many etailers are treating their mobile customers like a completely different customer segment, even if the demographic information is similar to desktop users.

You should encourage your etailer clients to do the same because mobile users navigate the web much differently than desktop users.

Reward your mobile customers for being—well—mobile customers. Establish a mobile-only rewards program, and adapt the messages, user experiences, and rewards to their mobile taste.

I’m excited to see where this new marketing channel takes us, and I’d like to hear what you’re doing to prepare!

How is your company embracing mobile?

Written by Darren Pierce

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