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3 Ways Your etailer Clients Can Increase Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

By Darren Pierce on Oct 14, 2014 6:00:00 AM

With two of the biggest shopping days of the year for etailers coming up, everyone’s looking for a new way to get ahead of the competition. At this point, customers don’t just assume big deals are coming the day after Thanksgiving—they’re expecting it.

Besides giving steep discounts, what else can your etailers do to drive more sales?

Create A Black Friday & Cyber Monday Landing Page

Don’t just publish this landing page the day of. Make it visible to consumers a few weeks before the big event for two reasons.

1) Remind consumers of the day. Everyone in America knows Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, but holidays can sneak up quickly. Sometimes a little context is necessary to spark interest, so remind them that Black Friday is just two weeks/14 days/20,160 minutes away. Better start preparing now!

2) Help consumers know where to go. If users have already visited your Black Friday tab/landing page, they’ll know right where to go to get the deals when it’s time to buy.

I found a few awesome examples of landing pages you can use for inspiration.

Encourage Black Friday & Cyber Monday Email Subscriptions

This is another strategy etailers can use to help users prepare for the holiday rush. Offer a Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday exclusive email signup a few weeks out so they don’t have to worry about missing any deals.

Get them warmed up with a series of welcome emails and then send them emails regularly until the day to keep your brand and your promotions at the top of mind.

Create A Gift Guide

On-site content that suggests gifts or sparks gift-giving discussions is a great way to encourage engagement before the craziness begins and every etailer is shouting for attention.

People like discussing different ideas. They love to share their opinion, and who knows, you might have a chance to cross-sell related items that are mentioned during the discussion.

PracticalEcommerce has a few good examples within this post.

This holiday season will be about more than just giving discounts, so encourage etailers to take steps to differentiate their brands and engage their audience.

How are you helping etailers through this holiday season?

Written by Darren Pierce

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