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3 Mobile Apps Every Salesperson Needs

By Darren Pierce on Nov 14, 2013 6:00:00 AM

More and more b2b salespeople are turning to mobile phone apps to make their jobs easier.

These apps can boost sales effectiveness and increase efficiency if they are utilized correctly.

Here are three of the best apps to use.

1. Salesforce Mobile

Popular customer relationship management solution provider Salesforce has created a mobile phone app that enables salespeople to upload etailer information directly after important e-mails, visits, and calls.

This means that sales and online retailer data can be managed whilst sales staff are on the move, freeing up time so that they can focus upon other activities when they are in the office.

2. EchoSign

This app enables the user to send, sign, track and file agreements from Salesforce on any device from any location so that salespeople can track their deals in real-time and close sales quicker.

It also helps to automate and streamline document management, facilitates the creation of branded emails with company logos on them and controls security with authentication and password options.

Sales and business expert David Williams listed it amongst the ten best mobile phone apps for increasing sales staff productivity in 2013.

3. CompanionLink

The iPhone is one of many different devices that the CompanionLink app can synchronize with contact managers and CRMs.

This is an app that synchronizes data between mobile devices and the majority of the popular contact managers and CRMs.

Doing this can help you to avoid situations where your salespeople urgently need to check appointments or get phone numbers and are unable to do so due to slow data connections or other problems with wireless services.

CompanionLink can provide sales staff with important data quickly whilst they are on the move.

Do you know any other mobile phone apps that no salesperson should be without? Please post them in the comments.

Written by Darren Pierce

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