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Is Holiday A Good Time To Sell To eCommerce Managers?

By Darren Pierce on Nov 19, 2013 6:00:00 AM

The holidays are the busiest time of year for many eTailers.

Many of the companies you target with your sales campaigns work all year banking on good sales during the Holiday season.

Once November hits, eCommerce managers are working hard to make sure marketing campaigns are going off without a hitch. They’re digging into analytics to see how things are working and they’re making any necessary adjustments.

The last thing they’re thinking about is whether they should bring in a new vendor. It’s just a time that’s too busy all around. Too much work and too much time with family and friends. Even if they were interested in something you had to offer they would likely struggle to find time to discuss it with the CMO or CEO.

Does that mean the holiday is a bad time to sell?


The Soft Sell, Staying In Touch

The holiday may not be the time to push the final sale of something, but it is a good time to stay in touch with your eTailer prospects.

Reach out to them with the occasional email. Ask them what campaigns they’re running during the holidays. Once those campaigns have gone through asking them how things turned out.

You might even find that they’re having issues that you and your solution could solve. There might not be time to solve it for the holiday (if there is, then great!), but with the new budget season coming up it’s the perfect time to discuss your solution.

The issue will be fresh in their mind and they’ll have an example to show the CMO or CEO.

For example, let’s say the company sends out one email per week. You ask how the emails are doing and they say the emails are doing great and they wish they could send more, but that they’re just too busy.

A vendor that provides email templates along with custom email design and strategy could offer their services as a way to handle the extra need for email development.

There are many things that eTailers need during the holidays.

Stay in touch. Listen and wait for your opportunity.

eTailers are busy this time of year, but you can still make the sale.

Written by Darren Pierce

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