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Top 5 Most Insightful Comments On eTailinsights

By Darren Pierce on May 15, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Top 5 Most Insightful Comments On eTailinsights

The thing I like most about this blog is that it creates a community of like-minded thinkers. I read every comment, and I really enjoy hearing different perspectives on all the topics we discuss. Each comment adds value to this blog, which is why I want to highlight some of the most insightful ones I have come across.

Here are my top 5 comments that I think really added some extra insight.

1) Focus On The Good

“Sometimes our tendency is to try to be all things to all people, and this can often be counterproductive. Why not let the bad customer go so you can continue to nurture the great ones? A good customer will rarely refer you to a bad one, so in reality, you are building up a smart network for future referrals.”

- Jane King

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2) Best Business Apps Out There

“Apps such as CardMunch, ScanBizCards, and CardCloud are becoming increasingly popular. They provide mobile users a quick and efficient way to translate physical business cards into contacts on your phone. Most of the above apps also have the capability to integrate contact information into your LinkedIn and Salesforce accounts. These apps are a great way to reduce clutter and organize your business cards!”

- Rachael Love

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3) Mobile Friendliness

“People are glued to technology and are rarely without their smart phone or tablet--on vacations, after hours, and apparently even in bathroom stalls. Clearly these are all signs that you need to make sure your company is on top of their mobile presence. Having a friendly mobile site is key, along with investing money in advertising associated with mobile apps, social media apps, etc.”

- Sarah Kunz

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4) LinkedIn Invitations

“I find that people are more willing to connect when you have something in common, such as sharing the same LinkedIn group. In crafting the invitation, I write a personal email vs. the canned one provided, and I have been pleased with the responses.”

- Pamela DeLoatch

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5) Site Design Importance

“To me a website is a reflection of the business itself. Great content, design that is visually appealing, and easy navigation are all essential in providing that excellent customer experience. Your website is the face of your business, and a good one is critical.”

- Jane King

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To everyone who comments regularly, thank you for bringing value to etailinsights!

How often do you typically comment on industry blogs?

I’m curious. Share your thoughts!

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