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When Nurturing eCommerce Leads, Customized Demos Still Work Best

By Darren Pierce on Jul 22, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Blog posts, white papers, case studies, and customer testimonials all help to tell your company’s story and communicate the value of your products and services, but few sales tools are more effective at closing sales than customized demos. They’re effective because they don’t just tell a story, they put your etailer into the story.

A customized demo is like showing someone around your home. Sure, it’s impressive when you describe it over the phone, but actually seeing the place can make all the difference.

Here are a few strategies you can use to create a customized demo that will keep etailers wanting to know more!

1) Be Human

I can’t stress this first point enough. So many salespeople jump right to the demo without any introduction, and it makes them seem more like a robot than a human being. Hard to have a relationship with a robot, isn’t it?

Leave room in the first five minutes for small talk and to summarize why everyone is here and what they’ll get out of this demo. Time is precious, but so is building rapport.

2) Tell The Customer’s Story

Don’t just demonstrate how the product works; show your etailers how it will make their lives easier.

Continuing with the home analogy, don’t just walk in and out of every room pointing out the obvious; help the buyers feel like this could be their home. You wouldn’t take them down dirty hallways or cluttered rooms either, so why would you waste time talking about a feature that has no value to them?

Do your research beforehand so you know what pain points your etailer prospects are dealing with so you can address them directly.

3) Stay Flexible

It’s important to go into a demo with a plan and to have practiced the presentation, but don’t be so rigid with your agenda that you forget what your goals are. The point of a demo is not to finish the demo; it’s to engage your etailer prospect.

If etailers have questions, answer them. Having a conversation is a much more engaging way to help etailers understand the value of a product than just talking at them about all the features.

Using these kinds of strategies will help you deliver a customized demo that will engage etailers and push them further into the sales funnel.

Do you work with etailer clients? See how etailinsights can increase the efficiency of your lead generation efforts!

Written by Darren Pierce

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