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Customer Profile Anatomy: How to Assemble Your Ideal eCommerce Client Description

By Darren Pierce on Jun 5, 2013 6:00:00 AM

Targeting the right client is the most important aspect of successful sales.

We’ve talked before about defining your bullseye client.

In this post, we’re going to expand on how you can assemble your ideal eCommerce client.

eCommerce Client Description

Companies in a variety of industries use client descriptions.

eCommerce companies use target customer descriptions in the marketing department. Everyone that works with the customer has access to these descriptions.

Having the customer description gives everyone a clear picture of who the customer is, what their motivations are, and how to provide the best experience.

In the previous post, we mentioned the importance of being specific with your client description. Instead of targeting “all eTailers” you focus on “apparel eTailers with annual revenue of $1M to $5M”.

You want to get even more in-depth with the description.

Focus specifically on the person you will approach at the eCommerce company. Maybe it’s the Internet manager in charge of outside vendor relationships.

Give this person a name. Write out their daily tasks. Include specifics about their boss, their company, and their co-workers. Include the motivation of the employee. Even go so far as to write about their hobbies and interests.

Again, this information won’t be 100% accurate with every eTailer prospect, but you’ll find that by focusing on a specific person you’ll be able to better tailor your sales pitch to close more deals.

eCommerce Client Description Steps

Here are the requirements for a client description:

  1. Client Name
  2. Client Title
  3. Client’s Company (Employer)
  4. Job Description
  5. Boss information
  6. Co-worker information
  7. Career motivation
  8. Company (Employer) business goals
  9. Client hobbies and personal interests
  10. Family information

Use this to create your own client description. Use it to help you refine your sales pitch.

Also, use the description to help you find the exact type of eTailer you want to approach. You’ll be able to find the ideal client for your company and one that has a high interest or need to partner with your firm.

Do you use client descriptions?

Written by Darren Pierce

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