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How To Turn Boring B2B Social Media Posts Into Engaging Content

By Darren Pierce on Dec 9, 2015 11:00:00 AM

How To Turn Boring B2B Social Media Posts Into Engaging Content

All the experts keep saying we need to be on social media engaging our fans, but how do we actually engage our fan base?

Not all B2B brands are as flashy as B2C brands like Nike who have endless amounts of amazing content to share, so what can we do from a B2B perspective to develop content that actually engages our audience?

Here are a few tips.

1) Start A Blog

Let’s get real—ninety percent of all the B2B content is endlessly boring and uninspired. Most of it is just repeats what an industry expert said a few months prior—nothing new, nothing useful.

If no engaging content exists around your niche, it’s pretty hard to share engaging content, isn’t it?

The solution: start a blog!

Create your own content that is targeted to your audience and is better than any other article out there written on the same subject. Your blog can feed your Facebook page with great content.

2) Find Your Voice

Even with a blog, you have to remember that pretty much everything you’re saying has been said before at one point of another. It’s important to find your own unique voice, something that makes you and your brand unique.

All of your content should be . . .

  1. Personal
  2. Authentic

Which is always better than . . .

  1. Robotic
  2. Generic

Having a unique, authoritative voice will help humanize your company.

3) Invest In Visuals

Stock photography is easy to get ahold of, but it’s just not going to cut it. Not when there’s so much great visual content floating around social media already. The Facebook newsfeed is a competitive place. Only about 300 posts per day will reach the eyes of any given consumer, and of those posts, most of them will be either photos or video.

If you’re not investing in visually stimulating images to promote your blog posts and other content, you won’t be able to compete with other brands.

Getting B2B customers to engage on social media isn’t impossible; it just takes the right kind of content.

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Written by Darren Pierce

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