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3 B2B Social Media Marketing Success Stories For New Years Motivation

By Darren Pierce on Jan 8, 2015 6:00:00 AM

We hear it all the time. In fact, I’m a preacher of it—social media is a must.

Sure, that’s good advice for a retailer who has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of buying customers with each post, but can you really use it in the B2B space?

For a little 2015 social media motivation, I’ve hand-picked the best B2B social media examples in the hopes that I’ll spark a few new ideas your business can use.

American Express OPEN

Look around the Internet for a few good B2B social media examples, and American Express OPEN is likely to pop up.

In short, American Express OPEN provides different types of business credit cards to companies of all different sizes.

Their strategy this year was simple: to help small businesses succeed. Besides sharing great, informative content across their platforms, they also created what they called the “OPEN Forum,” a place where small business owners could go to find community, network, and share ideas.


Adobe is a familiar name that did something pretty impressive back in April. They held a scavenger hunt around San Francisco.

Participants had to pick up puzzle pieces located all around the city and return them to Adobe HQ.

They shared tips and product info across Foursquare, Twitter, and Instagram, and the overall winner won $10,000 and a lifetime membership to their new Creative Cloud Suite.

This effort gained them more than 83,000 social conversations within the first five days, generating more than 30 million impressions.


Cisco has taken a slightly different approach than the two companies mentioned above. They’ve gone all-in on social video marketing.

They upload several videos each day ranging from Q&As to product demos to presentations from events—awesome resources for customers.

Their YouTube channel has more than 33,000 subscribers and nearly 5 million video views.

B2B social media can be done. It just takes some creativity and innovation to be able to reach and connect with your target audience.

Which of these examples caught your attention?

Written by Darren Pierce

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