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Sales Hack: Cleanse Your Inbox

By Darren Pierce on Jan 18, 2017 2:15:11 AM

Happy New Year.

With a new year comes excitement about what’s ahead. Gyms are filled with those resolving to shed some pounds and get healthy. Tax returns begin flowing back into the US economy. And some look to “cleanse” themselves of the past year and push the “reset” button.

I challenged each etailinsights employee to come up with 20 goals for 2017. Each goal needed to be a SMART one, and I was very impressed with what came back. Many of our employees felt the need to clear the clutter from their lives, me included. Clutter can bog us down and distract us from the ultimate goal. Cleansing is good for everyone.


Sales Hack: Cleanse Your Inbox

We’ve discussed this before – as a salesperson your time is your currency. Where you choose to invest that time is critical to your success. Inbound emails can overwhelm and will certainly take away from your currency balance.

How many inbound marketing emails do you receive to your work email address?

If the answer is greater than zero, then I propose you perform an inbox cleanse to start the year. You need your time back, and the time you spend on B2B prospecting today will yield closed business in 2017.

Spend five minutes scrolling through every email in your promotions folder, and unsubscribe from all of them. As new ones roll in this week, unsubscribe from them too. Set a calendar reminder for March 1st titled “What do I miss?” You will know which emails you miss receiving and can always go back and re-subscribe.

Bonus Hack: Don’t unsubscribe from SaaS Sales Hacks.  :)

Have fun prospecting in Q1 of 2017, and spend your currency wisely.

Written by Darren Pierce

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