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4 Annoying Questions Salespeople Ask Online Retailer Leads That Ruin Deals

By Darren Pierce on Oct 21, 2015 11:00:00 AM

4 Annoying Questions Salespeople Ask Online Retailer Leads That Ruin Deals

Back in college, I remember most of my professors announcing on the first day of class that there’s no such thing as a dumb question, and while I would agree, I do believe there’s such a thing as an annoying question. These annoying questions can kill a business relationship before it ever has a chance to blossom into a deal. Here are 4 questions all salespeople should avoid if they’re serious about closing a sale:

1) Is This A Good Time To Chat?

Most leads aren’t sitting at their desk twiddling their thumbs, waiting for you to call, so if we’re being honest, there’s never a “good” time to call. Open with something stronger, like, “Do you have a minute to talk about how [insert value proposition here]?” Leads will make time for you if you give them a reason to.

2) What’s Your Budget?

Most leads are usually pretty hesitant about revealing their budget right off the bat. Even if you have good intentions with the question, it makes buyers wonder why you need to know a number upfront. They’ll become defensive and skeptical, and even if they give you a number, it’s probably not going to be very accurate.

3) Are You The Decision Maker?

This question couldn’t get any more unclear, could it?

Do you mean the person who physically signs off on the proposal or just the person who will get you to the next step in the buying process?

Instead of asking who’s “making the decisions,” try to get your arms around who is involved in the buying process as a whole.

4) What Can I Do To Make Sure This Deal Closes?

Don’t be an order taker who bends over backward to make sure a deal closes no matter what. Sales are about relationships, and relationships are about a mutual agreement. If it makes sense to work together after all the chips are on the table, work together. If not, move on to someone who will be your partner (not your supervisor).

If you’re serious about selling to a lead, you’ll avoid these kinds of questions during those initial sales calls.

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Written by Darren Pierce

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