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How eCommerce Companies Can Use Pinterest To Generate More Leads

By Darren Pierce on Apr 8, 2014 6:00:00 AM

For many retailers, Pinterest is a no-brainer. Pictures of items like bags, jewelry, and clothing are all pinnable.

For B2B, Pinterest is a little trickier. While you may not think this social network is right for your industry, I urge you to reconsider. Many companies are seeing a large increase in referral traffic from Pinterest, even larger than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn in some instances.

Here are a few tips to leveraging Pinterest to generate more leads.

1) Use Photos You Already Have

You don’t have to hire a photographer to create stunning images. Even if you’re not selling a very visual product, you do have options.

You could pin photos of company outings to show customers your corporate culture and to give them a look inside your facilities.

Start using clear, eye-catching images with your blog posts and pin those. The same goes for infographics, data charts, and ebook covers. All of these are great pinning opportunities that don’t cost you a cent.

2) Link Back With Every Pin

To drive the most traffic possible to your site, include a link back to your website with every pin. Each link becomes a microsite, and while only a few pins will generate a handful of re-pins and clicks, the combined clicks and re-pins from each pin can have a large impact.

3) Continually Build Your Follower Base

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Commit to creating 2-3 boards that are the best on a certain topic, and you will attract more followers.

Additionally, as you promote other users’ pins and accounts, you will start to see more engagement. Don’t just use it as an advertising tool. The more you interact, the better the follower base you will build.

4) Track Your Leads

Like with anything online, you have to measure and track the leads you’re creating. Take note of any pins or images that your customers seem to like so you can better appeal to their needs. The only way to develop a solid Pinterest strategy is to keep measuring and evaluating.

Pinterest offers an opportunity for even B2B businesses to generate more leads.

Is your company on Pinterest? How are you using it to generate leads?

Written by Darren Pierce

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