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Organization and Dedicated Time Lead to Results, by Madeleine Duff

By Darren Pierce on Jul 19, 2017 4:00:21 AM

Power User Spotlight: Madeleine Duff, Sidecar

Madeleine's Hack:  Organize Your Day.

My golden rule is to be organized and keep up with my pipeline. Etailinsights is very helpful for saving time, finding more prospects, and closing business. There are so many companies tucked away in the database of etailinsights, and if you carve out time to do some research, your learnings will be endless.

etailinsights Power User Interview

Madeleine, what is your favorite restaurant in Philadelphia and why?

It’s a close call between Double Knot and Morimoto. Both restaurants have delicious food and very different vibes. Double Knot is great for happy hour, a fun dinner with friends, or a work event. It is inexpensive and has some of the best food I have ever had. Morimoto is a Steven Starr restaurant, and everything the restaurateur creates is amazing. It has the best sushi!

What drove you to begin a sales career in eCommerce?

E-commerce is the center of retail today. The internet is the most convenient place to browse, shop, and get the best deals. I wanted to start my career at a technology company, and more specifically within the machine learning space, because the industry is booming and holds a lot of promise from a career perspective.

How does Sidecar help etailers?

Sidecar helps etailers overcome challenges they face in data-driven e-commerce channels, including Google, Facebook, and Bing. Our e-commerce team works directly with our customers to develop channel strategies and apply our machine learning technology to their accounts to suit their business and meet their goals – which are often to increase revenue, reduce wasted ad spend, and optimize mobile ad performance.

How are you using etailinsights to source eCommerce Leads or build a Directory of Online Retailers?

I use etailinsights daily. It is my go-to for whenever I need to learn more about a retail segment, update my contacts, or find relevant information on a company. The etailinsights extension makes this process smooth and seamless. At the click of a button, I can see a company's product count, estimated online sales revenue, and so much more. Etailinsights definitely makes my day-to-day easier!

What is your favorite Top 40 eCommerce Conference  and why?

IRCE, in Chicago, is one of the most important conferences for Sidecar. We will be there this June with a great presence!

Written by Darren Pierce

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