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Google's Latest Algorithm Change & How It Affects Your etailer Clients

By Darren Pierce on Apr 28, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Have you looked into Google’s latest algorithm change?


Well, it’s a good thing you found this post because Google recently announced that this algorithm update on April 21st would have a “significant impact” on the search results. When Google uses this kind of verbiage, it’s safe to assume this change is going to affect a lot of people. Experts say the impact will probably be bigger than either Penguin or Panda.

To lessen the damage done by these changes, here are a few things you and your etailer clients need to know about the new SEO landscape.

Mobile-Friendliness Is No Longer An Option

As is usually the case, Google’s main concern is improving the user’s searching experience. With mobile usage having grown so rapidly in the last few years, Google is now turning its attention to the “mobile” side of its search results.

No one likes surfing through a desktop site on a mobile phone. Personally, the constant scrolling and zooming drive me nuts, and apparently, it drives Google nuts too.

Websites now have to be mobile-friendly. It’s no longer an option. This means no horizontal scrolling or difficult-to-press hyperlinks.

Each webpage on your site is judged separately, so start testing their mobile friendliness now.

The Impact

Sites that have a mobile-friendly experience will appear higher in the search results. For sites that don’t provide a mobile-friendly experience—well—they’re going to start sinking in the search results faster than the Titanic in the Atlantic.

If you or your etailer clients aren’t prepared, you should expect to see a noticeable dip in organic search performance, and the only way to get a better position in the SERP is to start going mobile-friendly.

With all that said, branding definitely does still matter. Google isn’t going to show something irrelevant just because it's mobile-friendly.

This is one Google algorithm change that you can’t ignore! The SEO weather is sure to be pretty hot and stormy over the next few weeks.

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Written by Darren Pierce

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