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3 Ways Technology Has Affected How Sales People Communicate

By Darren Pierce on Sep 11, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Technology has completely changed society. This includes how we communicate. As professional salespeople and marketers who rely on communicating messages to customers, we have to pay attention to these changes.

The points below outline three key ways technology have affected the way we communicate with customers.

Easy Mobility

With mobile phone usage having grown so quickly over the past few years, salespeople are now forced to think from a mobile perspective.

What does that mean?

If you want your online content to be consumed, you have to tailor it to a mobile audience. This means having shorter paragraphs instead of large chunks of text, images, and video optimized for smaller screens, and a lightning-quick page rendering speed . . . among other things.

Mobile has created an entirely new communication element that salespeople have to consider in order to efficiently reach their customers.


Big data and analytics have opened a floodgate of opportunities for marketers.

Smaller, more focused niches of consumers can be now identified. Messages that address specific needs can be targeted toward specific audiences. Everything—whether it’s your email subject line, blog post headline, Facebook post, or call to action—can be tested and optimized for conversions and revenue.

Truly, the opportunities to improve sales performance are endless with the ability to track leads, analyze behavior and identify holes in the sales funnel.

No more guessing. We can find practically any answer we want with the right metrics, making our communication that much more effective.

Cloud Storage

The accessibility of our digital assets has increased monumentally since businesses started using cloud storage. It seems like everything is stored in the cloud these days—files, slide decks, data, applications . . .

The cloud has helped salespeople travel lighter. No more hauling around a briefcase full of documents. All you need now is a tablet and a smartphone to get the job done and get home for dinner.

For B2B businesses specifically, online storage has made it much easier to get information to the right people more quickly. Sharing via Dropbox and Google Docs are pretty efficient options. No more email attachments.

In a day and age when information has to travel faster than light for consumers to be satisfied, there is no lag with cloud storage.

With new technology comes new ways to communicate. We constantly have to be tailoring our efforts based on these new changes.

How else has communication changed because of technology?

Written by Darren Pierce

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