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3 eCommerce Trends You Need To Know Going Into Holiday 2014

By Darren Pierce on Jul 22, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Customers will have 26 days between Black Friday and Christmas this year. This is one less than last year and five fewer than 2012.

With so many big box stores extending their deals to begin on Thanksgiving Day, it was an infamously bad year for retailers and etailers both in 2013. To see any kind of success this year, understanding the online landscape and being able to adapt to it will be key.

Here are three trends to keep an eye on that will have an impact this holiday season.

More Time Online

No, this one probably doesn’t surprise you, but I think it’s important to mention. Customers are spending more and more time online . . . but less and less time on retail sites.

Customers continue to demand more from etailers, especially during the holidays, and if their high expectations aren’t met, they’ll move onto a different site that will meet them.

How do you attract and retain these customers?

That leads me to the next point.

Efficiency Is A Necessity

Mobile websites need to be optimized, and you have to streamline the process. There is no room for error in terms of user experience.

74% of shoppers said a simple, streamlined shopping cart that makes checkout fast and easy was extremely important to them.

The etailers that will find the most success this holiday season will be the ones who deliver the best, most streamlined shopping experience.

The Deal Has Become The Norm

“The deal is not so special anymore,” explains Alison Jatlow Levy, a retail strategist, to USA Today. “The deal has become the norm."

At this point for customers, the idea of paying full price for anything seems absurd. It shouldn’t surprise you that 74% of shoppers leverage promotions such as free shipping and coupons when making holiday purchases.

If an etailer doesn’t have something special to offer, good luck trying to grab attention in the marketplace.

Pay attention to these kinds of trends, and take steps this year to make sure the holidays didn’t turn out like last.

What did you learn from holiday 2013 that you can use this year?

Written by Darren Pierce

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