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7 Resources To Help You Create Lifelong Customers

By Darren Pierce on May 21, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Customer service can be a time-consuming part of your week, but it’s a necessary part of the job. Retaining customers is so much more cost-effective than constantly trying to generate new ones.

If you’re looking to build lifelong customers that are loyal brand ambassadors, take a look at the resources below.

1) The Art of Customer Loyalty

Head over to the Help Scout blog to get a rundown of some of the most important customer service tips, advice, and research findings.

2) Customer Service Isn’t A Department

Customer service is a thread that weaves through many different aspects of your company. Jack Altman explains why you need to understand this concept.

3) How To Measure Customer Satisfaction

Ever wonder how you can measure your customer service success? Joanna Lord’s loyalty measurement framework can help you with that.

4) How To Create Customer Loyalty Programs That Stick

Do you have a loyalty program or are just developing one? This must-read article highlights the positives and negatives of customer loyalty programs.

5) Complete Guide To Using Social Media For Customer Service

No, it’s not for everybody, but social media has become such an important part of marketing and sales an article like this is hard not to include.

6) Earn Customer Loyalty Without Losing Your Shirt

Don’t lose sight of the end goal by focusing solely on staying within certain rules and limits. The purpose of customer service is not to follow rules . . . it’s to keep customers happy. This Harvard Business Review article might change your perspective on customer service.

7) Why Your Customer Experience Strategy May Fail

Innovation in the customer experience field is easier said than done, and many businesses talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. See what it takes to take your first few steps.

With customer service being so important, my hope is that you’ll find these articles useful toward achieving your goals!

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Written by Darren Pierce

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