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3 Elements That Make Up The Perfect Call To Action

By Darren Pierce on May 19, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Driving sales begins with encouraging prospects to either engage with you or your online content and the best way to achieve that is through a well-placed call to action.

Below are three explanations and examples of the key elements that make up a perfect call to action.

1) Clarity

You can never be clear enough. Your call to action is arguably the most important part of a webpage because it tells customers exactly what to do next. If your call to action isn’t clear, customers probably aren't going to take the time to figure out what to do on their own.

And why would they? They have an unlimited number of other vendors at their disposal that makes it clearer and easier to engage!

Sirarcha2Go is a great example of a site that has a super-clear call to action.

If we’re being honest, it’s hard not to know what to do next with the “buy now” button is so clear and concise.

2) Urgency

From the customer’s perspective, every call to action needs to answer this question:

Why should I do this today?

If a customer thinks for a second that she can wait until tomorrow to check out whatever you’re offering, you’ve already lost the battle. She probably won’t be back.

Creating a sense of urgency is critical, and Beastmode Era pulls this off really well by making sure customers know there’s a “limited supply.”

3) Contrast

The call to action has to stand out. Period.

And one way to do that is by using contrast in colors in your site design. Vertical Response highlights a good example in their blog post. Note that your eye is instantly drawn to the bold banner and “shop now” button because the color contrasts with the rest of the ad.

Bonus Tip: A/B Test

Testing different variations, colors, and sizes of your call to action can help you optimize and increase conversions. If you’re looking for an A/B testing starting point, check this out.

Don't cut corners on your call to action. Perfect it and watch your sales start to increase! 

If you work with eCommerce clients, see how etailinsights can make your lead generation more efficient.

Written by Darren Pierce

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