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Precision Targeting, by Courtney Gringas

By Darren Pierce on Apr 19, 2017 2:36:27 PM

Power User Spotlight: Courtney Gringas, FuturePay

Courtney GringasCourtney's Hack: Precision Targeting 

The more precise you can be, the better success you’ll have. With etailinsights you can narrow down exactly the companies that fit your ideal target and then refine even further right to down to identifying the decision maker you need to connect with. This helps you get to the right prospect quickly and not waste your time sorting through leads that are not in your ideal client profile.

etailinsights Power User Interview

Courtney, what is your favorite restaurant and why?

Frankie's Modern Diner is my favorite restaurant. I may be a little biased as it’s my family’s restaurant, but who can say no to a mimosa with fresh squeezed OJ for only $5?

What drove you to begin a sales career in eCommerce?

I wanted a career that didn’t have any ceilings. While many jobs are restricted to the size of the city you live in, with eCommerce you can live anywhere and still have a fast paced, high-level career.

How does FuturePay help etailers?

FuturePay is the easiest way for retailers to offer a flexible financing solution to their customers right at point of sale. With FuturePay, retailers can increase their average order values, decrease their cart abandonment, and give their customers a better way to pay on any device.

How are you using etailinsights to source eCommerce Leads or build a Directory of Online Retailers?

Our team loves etailinsights! We use etailinsights in a few ways. First, we use etailinsights to find companies that are a fit for FuturePay. There’s so many filtering options that we’re always able to find exactly what we’re looking for. Then, the team uses etailsights to determine who the decision maker is, which saves us so much time on the phone. And I am constantly using the Chrome extension – I love being one click away from learning all about an online retailer.

What is your favorite Top 40 eCommerce Conference  and why?

IRCE in Chicago in June because there are so many cutting edge retailers and vendors there. You get a peek into the future of ecommerce!

Written by Darren Pierce

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