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Send Relevant and Customized Messages, by Michael Foy

By Darren Pierce on Jan 31, 2018, 8:34:57 PM

Power User Spotlight: Michael Foy, Inmar

Michael Foy.jpgMichael's Hack: Kill the General Seed Letter and Generic Cold Calls

 In today's prospecting world, we HAVE to know in detail what a potential prospect will need based on research and tie it to their product, balance sheet, competitors, etc. A modern-day prospector HAS to figure it out versus wasting time on the same general emails and voicemails these prospects are getting 10 times a day.


etailinsights Power User Interview

Michael, what is your favorite restaurant in Dallas and why?

Papas Brothers Steaks. Dallas has tons of outstanding steak restaurants, but their attention to detail and perfect execution of your steak is second to none. Their sides are robust and always a delight.

What drove you to begin a sales career in eCommerce?

The growth, speed of change, and "wild west" aspect of eCommerce makes it a fun endeavor. I had been selling in many verticals previously, but none have the thrill of eCommerce. As everybody knows, eCommerce continues to evolve and all aspects are disruptive to many verticals. I love the constant need for speed and innovation in all facets of eCommerce.

How does Inmar help etailers?

Inmar provides the ONLY complete "end to end" full returns program. We not only provide the front and back end technological tools but also a network of 24 dedicated national return facilities. These facilities handle clients' eCommerce and brick and mortar physical handling needs. On the back end, we help clients continue the returns journey with services: consumer analytics, liquidation, Reverse to Forward, refurbishment, and sustainability scorecarding. Our solutions help etailers reduce the credit cycle time, lower handling, transportation, and customer service costs, optimize the consumer journey, and improve the sustainability of the often inefficient internal returns process.

How are you using etailinsights to source eCommerce Leads or build a Directory of Online Retailers?

I have a personal process to prospect new business. To make this process happen, I absolutely need to have etailinsights. My job on a daily basis is to find new clients. As everyone reading this knows, gone are the days of a simple knock on the front door. 

First, etailinsights allows me to target by many different data elements, which is a key advantage as I target certain types of eComm prospects. This is accomplished often by order size, category, and geography. Based on my weekly personal prospecting goals, this essentially allows me to build a weekly plan on who I am going to target.

It does not end there, as I need to know as much as I can about the prospect. etailinsights has data points like daily order volumes, revenue, eComm platform, etc. So when I am having my first dialogue, I have some data at hand. Finally, the contact information is extremely valuable when sending letters, emailing, and calling. While there are many other tools out there with contact info, etailisnights has 100% focus on eCommerce which I find beneficial being that this is my daily focus.

What is your favorite Top 40 eCommerce Conference  and why?

That is a tough question, as all these conferences are evolving. However, I do enjoy IRCE. It is one of the bigger ones, and it has good representation for all size eCommerce players. It also happens to be in my hometown of Chicago every year.

Written by Darren Pierce

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