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Teams win Championships by Chris Strzelecki

By Rachael Love on Nov 29, 2022 4:13:37 PM

Power User Spotlight: Chris Strzelecki, Unishippers

Chris's Sales Hack: Teams win Championships


My sales hack is quite simple. Teamwork wins championships and culture is everything in sales. As a sales leader, I've learned that if you surround yourself with the right people you'll find success and reach your goals much quicker.


etailinsights Power User Interview

Chris, what is your favorite restaurant in New Jersey and why?

Café Amici. I live in New Jersey, so pizza is always great. The ownership at Amici makes it a family atmosphere.

What drove you to begin a sales career in eCommerce?

I am in the sales business selling shipping solutions. eCommerce has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the market, and through our partnership with UPS, we can offer competitive rates and seamless integration.

How does Unishippers help etailers? 

Unishippers works with customers who spend between $52,000 to $200,000 a year with Federal Express or the USPS. We offer an extremely competitive price point with UPS and seamless integration with almost every commerce platform. Our customers come for our price and stay for our service. We build strong customer relationships with a personal point of contact and cell phone numbers to call.

How are you using etailinsights to find eCommerce leads?

My team uses etailinsights to source our leads. We are a franchise, so we then make targeted prospecting calls to organizations that fit our profile. etailinsights provides us with accurate data from a shipping perspective. We have worked with many etailinsights customers saving them money and time while using the Unishippers model. We value their solution as it is vital to our prospecting efforts in the eCommerce space.

What is your favorite eCommerce Conference and why?

I have yet to attend one but would like to soon.

Written by Rachael Love

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