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Keep it short, concise, and to the point by Christian Preece

By Rachael Love on Aug 4, 2021 4:57:42 PM

Power User Spotlight: Christian Preece, Taggstar

Christian PreeceChristian's Sales Hack: Keep it short, concise, and to the point

A tip I always remember from my first day in sales -- 'Keep it short, concise and to the point.'

For context, when writing an email; Applying this hack is to limit every email to 3 lines or less. Be very clear on the purpose of your mail (information sharing, asking for advice, doing a concrete proposal) and limit yourself to 3 lines maximum. End your emails explaining in one sentence in your signature why you keep your mails so short.

This simple method will force yourself to think about the purpose of the mail, and to be short and concise. The people you communicate with will benefit, and will hopefully return the favors.

etailinsights Power User Interview

Christian, what is your favorite restaurant in London? 

That's a tough one, London has so many amazing places to eat! Without over thinking, immediate answer has to be Roka (Japanese cuisine). I love sushi and their grilled meats. Watching the food get prepared is fascinating, eating it is so satisfying and they have a great wine and whiskey list ;)

What drove you to begin a sales career in eCommerce?

Having spent 5+ years recruiting for the digital and eCom space, I'd built a strong knowledge of the industry and could see it was going to get bigger, playing an integral part in retail strategy. I've worked with incredible retailers and get a buzz in getting to know the brands, their objectives and introducing solutions to support what it's all about...bottom line revenue growth! I'm really excited to see what's next for the space and what retailers will embrace to offer the best online experience for consumers.

How does Taggstar help etailers? 

We increase conversion rates and revenue for some of the world's largest brands, retailers and travel companies. They trust Taggstar to enhance the digital experience for their customers to give them confidence to buy online by delivering a variety & combination of real-time social proof, merchandising and product information messaging throughout the buying journey.

How are you using etailinsights to find eCommerce leads?

We're focusing on expanding within the US market, and etailinsights is a powerful tool to quickly identify key contacts when navigating US based retail websites. I like being able to build lists and identify retailer segments within specific verticals, fashion for example. The chrome extension allows me to detect what existing technologies the retailer uses and how Taggstar can compliment their existing digital ecosystem.

What is your favorite Top 40 eCommerce Conference  and why?

Not been to a physical one for a while now, hopefully soon! I've really enjoyed the eCom Expo in London and IRX in Birmingham, having met some truly inspirational digital leaders. That being said, first choice has to be eTail Connect. It's a smaller scale conference, but 1:1 meeting interaction and quality is at an exceptional level. eTail Connect builds your network with retail stakeholders and being a big rugby fan, I rather enjoy where the event is held! (Twickenham Stadium).

Written by Rachael Love

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