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Check your etailinsights' ICP daily, by Ryan Gobar

By Rachael Love on Jul 7, 2021 1:21:03 PM

Power User Spotlight: Ryan Gobar, Reach

RyanGobarRyan's Sales Hack: Check your etailinsights' ICP daily! 

If you're an etailinsights user, you should take advantage of their powerful feature -- Ideal Client Profile. I highly recommend users to spend time setting one up and updating it as they hone in on where they are finding success. There are few better feelings in sales than when a solid lead lands in your lap, so I check the ICP dashboard daily!

etailinsights Power User Interview

Ryan, what is your favorite restaurant in Austin? 

Uchi has to be on the short list for anyone in Austin. Fantastic sushi, a cozy atmosphere, and a great selection of sake. Happy hour is the time to go, just be sure to make a reservation as it can be super hard to get a table!

What drove you to begin a sales career in eCommerce?

The potential for growth was definitely a driver in dipping my toes into ecommerce sales, but I was most intrigued by the fast-paced nature of the industry. New technology is constantly emerging and there is so much going on behind the scenes during an online purchase that I had never been aware of before working at Reach. Additionally, my good friend had been working at Reach for some time and when he mentioned they were hiring I had to jump at the chance.

How does Reach help etailers? 

Reach focuses on cross-border transactions, and we provide a unique set of benefits to etailers doing business internationally. We start by geolocating the customer and then dynamically display local currencies and payment methods to give the customer a convenient and customized shopping experience. However, the secret sauce is in offering truly local processing. By dynamically routing transactions through banks locally to the customer, we help the etailer improve success rates, decrease declines, and eliminate costly cross-border fees. All in all, we give etailers the ability to feel like a local brand yet operate with the scale of a multi-national company.

How are you using etailinsights to find eCommerce leads?

I use etailinsights on a daily basis. Our ideal prospect can have some fairly unique qualifiers that a lot of other tools either don’t have parameters for or don’t identify them well. The advanced search function is my absolute favorite tool within etailinsights. Being able to easily identify etailers by ecommerce platform, locations, and of course, whether or not they ship internationally, allows me to rapidly build lists for super targeted messaging. Whittling down such specific lists significantly cuts down on time required for qualifying leads.

What is your favorite Top 40 eCommerce Conference  and why?

I started at Reach just before the pandemic unfolded so I haven’t had any opportunities to attend a conference yet. That being said, one conference I am most definitely looking forward to attending is eTail Australia. We have quite a few great Australian merchants and the Australian market it always pushing out great new brands in need of cross-border solutions. On a personal note, I’ve never been to Australia and as a big scuba diver I’ve always wanted to dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Written by Rachael Love

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