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5 Ways To Optimize Your Email Newsletter For Mobile

By Darren Pierce on Jun 10, 2014 6:00:00 AM

With so many users now going mobile, and with email still having a great ROI, optimizing your email newsletter is a necessity.

Not everyone views emails on their desktop anymore. In fact, most people are choosing mobile for their email management.

Here are 5 ways you can ensure your mobile newsletters will still make a profitable impact.

1) Reduce Image Sizes

Mobile rendering speed is a huge factor in terms of user experience, and while users are more attracted to visual content, you have to be careful with your images.

Large images mean a slow rendering time, and slow rendering times mean lost conversions.

Reduce your image file sizes so your newsletter can upload as quickly as possible.

2) Increase Link Size And Call To Action

The average size of an adult index finger is 1.6-2 cm. That’s about 45-57 pixels on a mobile device. To capture click-throughs from your newsletter, make your in-text links larger and easier to touch.

Additionally, make sure your call to action is still big and bold so users notice it.

3) Watch Your Width

While the standard width for desktop emails is 600 pixels, you only have about 300-400 pixels to work with on a mobile device. To compensate for this disparity, use “if/then” coding so the format will automatically resize to fit the viewing screen.

4) Shorten Your Subject Lines

As our attention spans continue to shrink, especially on mobile devices, Krista Bunskoek, content marketer at Wishpond, stresses that “Eye-catching subject lines are more urgent than ever if you want your email to stand out. Use action words, questions, and personal pronouns like ‘you’.”

5) Keep Your Content Light

Most mobile users aren’t looking for super-rich content; they’re looking to skim through a quick article while they wait in line for coffee.

With that in mind, keep your newsletter content concise and always use headings to make it scannable.

All it takes is a few tweaks and you can have a mobile newsletter that provides a great user experience and real customer value.

How are you adjusting your emails for mobile?

Written by Darren Pierce

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