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3 Insights Into The eTailer Holiday Cycle for Vendors

By Darren Pierce on Jun 24, 2013 6:00:00 AM

It’s Christmas in July already for eTailers.

It seems crazy to think about it, but holiday planning starts almost immediately after Christmas each year for eCommerce managers, designers, and marketers.

January is a good time for eTail teams to start planning for next year because the current year is still fresh in their minds.

Once summer rolls around the team know what inventory is coming in for the upcoming holiday season. They’re also working on marketing calendars and getting everything prepared.

As a vendor, it’s good to know how the eTailer holiday cycle works so you can make a better connection with your contacts, which hopefully leads to more sales and happier clients.

Here are three additional insights.

1. Holiday Analytics Are Analyzed in Q1 and Q2

January kicks off the time when holiday marketing efforts – email, PPC, affiliate, etc. – are analyzed.

eTailers look at everything to try and gain an understanding of what worked and where they can improve for next year.

eTailers are also looking for help in collecting analytics and interpreting analytics. If you can help eTailers in this way with reports you’ll be very valuable.

2. Website Designs Are Already In Progress

The holiday season is crazy for designers. And most eTailers are understaffed in the design area. There is a lot of demand for email and website designs and most eTailers are trying to do it all with a very small staff.

So the design team is already working in the summer to create homepage images, feature images, landing pages, and email designs.

Again, if you can help with any design you’ll provide an added value to eTailers.

3. Competitive Holiday Information Is Collected All Year

Throughout the holiday season, eTailers are collection competitive information. They’re looking at designs and promotions.

If you can provide reports and insight into the competitive landscape you’ll provide another added value to eTailers. They’re looking for information in their exact industry, but they’re also looking for inspiration from other industries.

Hopefully, these insights are helpful.

It’s always good to have knowledge of what the client is going through in their day-to-day operations. The holiday season is already kicking off for eTailers and if you have a way to make the task easier it’s a good bet your eTailer prospects will listen.

Written by Darren Pierce

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