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3 Tips For etailers On Improving Order Confirmations

By Darren Pierce on Oct 28, 2014 6:00:00 AM

For etailers, the sales process doesn’t end after customers input their credit card information and select buy now. It doesn’t even end after they leave the site. There’s still one more touchpoint—the order confirmation email.

In this post, we discuss how you can help etailer clients improve this underutilized touchpoint to increase sales.

1) Optimize Creatives

Customers don’t treat order confirmations like the dozens of other emails etailers send out each month.

Open rates are higher for these emails, and customers are more likely to save them to reference later. One confirmation email might touch a customer multiple times.

Encourage etailers to take advantage of this high email engagement by optimizing their creatives to send powerful messages.

If a customer looks back on an email 12 months later, what is it going to say about their brand?

2) Send In Real-Time

Confirmation emails have to be sent in real-time. Period.

If there's even a short delay from the time consumers place an order to when they receive an email, it might cause them to wonder what happened to their purchase. Especially for etailers, reassuring customers that their orders have been placed is a necessity.

etailers should regularly test the speed of their confirmation emails to be certain consumers are receiving them as quickly as possible.

3) Optimize For Mobile

Most customers track their orders from a mobile device, so make sure your confirmation emails look good on a smaller screen.

Responsive CSS design is always a nice-to-have, but even if an etailer doesn’t have responsive, they can take steps to optimize for mobile. Here are a few things your clients can consider:

  • Reduce the amount of text and increase font size
  • Increase link and button sizes to make them easier to click
  • Reduce image and banner clutter so the most important information is also the most visible

Encourage etailers to optimize their email order confirmations to make a bigger impact on consumers.

Do you pay much attention to your email order confirmations?

Written by Darren Pierce

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