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How To Record A Killer Podcast That Your etailer Clients Will Actually Listen To

By Darren Pierce on Apr 21, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Podcasts aren’t the hottest digital sales and marketing technique around, but they can be a great tool to build an audience, create awareness, and drive potential etailer clients to your website.

Like with other types of content, one of the challenges is getting prospects to actually listen.

Here are a few podcasting best practices to follow to create a quality podcast that clients will actually want to listen to.

1) Find Your Focus

Similar to a blog post, your podcast has to have one specific focus. Stray off into too many other areas and you’ll lose your audience. The more focused and specific you can be with your information the better.

Look at it this way—each podcast episode should have its own value proposition.

Not only does this value proposition help you reign in your data and information, it’ll also make your podcast more marketable because you’ll know exactly what value to communicate.

2) Outline Your Format

Before podcasting, you need to know how you’re going to present your information.

  • How often will I podcast?
  • How long should each podcast be?
  • Will each episode be formatted the same or will I just go with the flow?
  • Will it be video or audio-only?

These are all good starter questions to help you get your arms around what kind of format you want your podcasts to follow.

Keep in mind there is no one “right” way to format your podcast. For example, they say the optimal length of a podcast is around 15-20 minutes, but if your audience can pay attention for 45-50 minutes and you can fill the time with great content, then why not?

3) Prepare Your Content

If I could give one piece of advice, it is this: if you’re going to podcast, take it seriously.

Even more seriously than your blog.

Prepare your speaking points ahead of time. Some people prefer just to have a list of speaking points, while others would rather have their entire podcast scripted.

Get into things quickly (people should know exactly what your podcast is about in 30 seconds or less), let your personality shine, and don’t forget to take notes! New podcast ideas might bubble to the surface as you’re discussing the current one.

Considering adding a podcast to your content arsenal to attract new etailer clients.

Interested in generating more hot prospects? See how etailinsights can improve your prospecting.

Written by Darren Pierce

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