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5 Body Language Tips That Can Help You Close More Sales

By Darren Pierce on Aug 4, 2015 6:00:00 AM

More often than not, most of your lead nurturing is going to happen virtually, but sometimes—especially for larger opportunities—taking a trip on-site might be a necessity.

The next time you’re visiting a prospect and have to meet face-to-face, keeping these body language tips in mind might just mean the difference between closing a sale and heading home empty-handed.

1) People Tend To Look Longer & More Frequently At People Or Objects They Like

As you’re explaining the different proposals, now you can tell which your customer seems to be favoring. Even if they’re trying to seem uninterested, their eyes will usually keep gazing at what they like best.

2) Keep Both Feet On The Ground & Stay Steady To Seem More Confident

When people are nervous, they usually cross their legs over and over again. Combine this with some habitual leg shaking, and it’s a pretty clear tell to your prospects that you’re uncomfortable.

3) Lean Forward To Seem More Interested

Sitting backward can leave the impression that you’re overly relaxed, even if you are very interested. Play it safe, and lean forward slightly to give the impression that you truly value what the customer is saying.

4) Connect Instantly By Shaking Hands

It’s usually a formality, but don’t underestimate the positive impact a quick handshake can have. It breaks down physical barriers and promotes rapport.

5) A Combination Of Face Touching, Hand Touching, Crossed Arms & Leaning Away Might Mean Your Prospects Are Lying

Keep an eye out for these four tell-tale signs. They could mean that your prospects aren’t sharing the whole truth. You could avoid dedicating more resources to a prospect who is too nice to give a firm no but definitely knows your business relationship isn’t going to develop.

Are you interested in bolstering your lead generation strategy? See how etailinsights provides the data to do just that.

Written by Darren Pierce

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