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Sales Hack: After a Voicemail, Try Pushing # to Record the Voicemail Again

By Darren Pierce on Nov 9, 2016 2:34:44 PM


I grew up in a small neighborhood. A place where everyone knew each other, and kids roamed the streets with impunity. We all played together – capture the flag, baseball, throw the ball over the house, walk on the train tracks, etc.


One of my favorite things to yell during a game was “Do Over.” When you are a kid, this concept is pervasive throughout everything. And everyone seems to honor this request, no matter the situation.

If your video game doesn’t go well… Do Over

If everyone is arguing over a call in baseball… DO OVER

If you perform poorly on a test in school… Okay, well this doesn’t work, but I tried.

As an adult, you rarely get to call “Do Over.” Most of the things we do are set in stone. However, we do have a phone voicemail “Do Over” technique you might like:

Sales Hack: After a Voicemail, Try Pushing # to Record the Voicemail Again

Warning: This doesn’t always work.

Most voicemail systems allow you to push pound (#) when you are done speaking, and it will often present you with a voice menu. This voice menu on a prospect’s voicemail typically provides an option for you to erase and re-record the voicemail. I have used this feature when I realize that I forgot to mention my phone number twice (bonus hack - always leave your phone number at the beginning and end of your voicemail).

Written by Darren Pierce

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