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Segment and Remail your IRCE Leads

By Darren Pierce on May 30, 2013 11:23:18 AM

Maximize Your ROI as an Exhibitor at IRCE(Internet Retailer Conference and Expo)4 Part Blog Series

Part 4 of 4:  "Segment and Remail your IRCE Leads"

Disclaimer(s):  If you haven’t
read my IRCE General Thoughts, here
they are.  The gist: a) don’t violate the rules and b) I’m not an expert,
you are, please share your expertise in the comments.


This term is very widely used and has
grown to include many broad definitions. 
One of the earliest and most notable definition of ‘Leads’ is from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross
Everyone wants "The Good Leads.”  [WARNING, OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE] Alec Baldwin's famous speech begins with "....Oh, Have I Got Your Attention Now?"


At etailinsights we are often asked, “Well,
how many Leads will I get with my subscription?”  This is tough to answer.  Salesforce.com
refers to a ‘Lead’ as any person you upload as a ‘Lead.’  Our clients
refer to a ‘Lead’ as any business
card or name they acquire at a conference. 
We have over 11,000 eTailers and over 30,000 Executives, but I don't
know how you define a ‘Lead,’ or how many of these 30,000 will listen to
unique value proposition.  Some of our
clients do VERY well (good value prop + good marketing + good sales
people) and
some do poorly (no coffee for you).  All of our clients drive
a ROI on the subscription fee, if nothing else, etailinsights saves a lot of
time researching. "Ok then, what is the definition of a Lead?”For purposes of this blog post only,
let’s assume Lead means a name you acquired at IRCE  (Goal #1 Booth Visit, or
perhaps Partner Marketing Event, lunch conversation, etc).SegmentationNow that you’ve followed up immediately
(Post 3) with your IRCE Leads, it’s time to design your long-term sales and
marketing strategy.  The first step is to
begin defining and organizing - 'WHO are these Leads?'  I like to think of big silver buckets, and
each bucket represents something different… 
1) Existing Customer 2) Existing Partner 3) Prospective Customer 4) Prospective
Partner 5) Potential Hire 6) Influencer.Segmentation is the act of dropping
each #IRCE Lead in each of the above buckets.Is
this really necessary Darren?  Can’t I
just blast the same direct mail and email and phone call to everyone?
At present, I have a 3 inch stack of glossy 1 page mail flyers on my desk, from you, inviting me to your IRCE booth.  Why?  I'm not an eTailer, but I'd be happy to stop by and sell you a subscription to etailinsights. (sorry, couldn't resist).  But, I get it, and understand why it's easier to send 1 message to everyone.If you want the best results you will
segment these Leads, and communicate with them differently.   This will a) improve measurement of your
campaigns b) improve results against goals for each bucket or “Segment,” and c)
improve your overall results and ROI on IRCE.Segmentation
is Easy
“This will be too hard, and I’m short staffed.” You can hire etailinsights to do this for about $2
per lead, or you can find cheaper providers who will charge less (be careful with cheaper providers, please). All you need is to 1) Create Segments ('fields') in your
CRM System and 2) Create a spreadsheet which includes a column of the
appropriate Segment and 3) Upload the spreadsheet into Salesforce, Marketo,
Pardot, etc.  Also, add the Industry as
another column, this will help your messaging, and allow for Industry
If you don’t want to pay a 3rd
party, then a) hire an intern/temp or b) get yourself a couple bottles of wine
(order them online from a prospect!) and pull an all-nighter.  It’s worth it,
and you’ll thank me later.Now
I don’t have enough time or the
expertise to map out an extensive demand generation campaign for each Segment for each unique reader.  I’m hoping others will suggest ideas in the
comments below.But, I’d say your biggest ROI
opportunity lies within the Prospective Clients Segment.  Design a 10 – 14 ‘touch’ Campaign to execute
between now and October 1st (day 1 of Q4).  Each marketing activity (call, direct mail,
email, invitation to event, etc.) is a touch. 
As soon as you are able to qualify a lead (BANT), convert Lead to
Opportunity and pass to Sales Reps.And please, Marketers, let your sales
reps help you.  Allow them to dive into
these ‘Leads’ and see if they can convert them.  Design some of your ‘touches’ specifically
for sales reps to execute, or better yet, let them design!  Reps will help
boost your IRCE ROI results, and individual unique touches are better than mass campaign
messaging.One way to improve your mass messaging, is Segmentation within Segmentation.  Consider using the Industry field you populated after 2 bottles o' wine, and create different messaging for each Industry Segment (apparel eTailer vs hardware eTailer).  This is Industry Intelligence, and it works.Set goals for yourself based on the
total number of Leads in each bucket. 
Have Fun!  Come up with unique
‘touches’ along the way (Fax a Letter, no one does that anymore, but it
works! | Or send them something from another client, Secret Weapon #1).RemailWhat is a Remail Campaign?  If you’re reading this blog it’s likely
because you were re-emailed by etailinsights, (Shout out to DJ Waldow, Remail genius, @DJWaldow).As a child, one of my favorite things
to read was a Choose Your Own Adventure book, where at the bottom of each page
you decide what the protagonist should do, and turn to the page designated for
that action.  Remailing allows your Leads
to “Choose Their Own Adventure,” in a way.Of course make sure you are complying
with the CAN-SPAM Act, and send opt-in emails only.  Use a tool such as Marketo, MailChimp,
Bronto, Listrak, Campaigner (j2), because these Email Service Providers track
“Opens,” “Clicks,” “Conversions,” and more down to each recipient. Design 1 email for each Segment.  Then consider a second series of emails based
on the action taken from email #1.  What
will you send to those who did not open?  
How about those who Opened but didn’t Click?  This can be easily designed and automated with
most major Email Service Providers (ESPs).  I
have a lot of ideas, maybe for another post. IRCE Secret Weapon
#4 (4 of 4): Intro e-retailer to e-retailer:
On the last day of the conference, if
you ask any VP eCommerce 'What was the best part of IRCE,' they will say:
“Meeting other eTailers and hearing what they are doing.” And they’re right.  This shouldn’t be a shock to any of our
readers.  They truly don’t value your
session, as much as talking to the eTailer right next to them,
during your session.  Sorry if this
hurts! Use this to your advantage. Gain permission from each side before
making an introduction.  If unanimous,
send an email intro, and explain why they’ll mutually benefit.  For example “I thought you two might share
ideas around link-building and Tag Management.”  Be
Diagnostic (identify pain) and Consultative (position solution – intro to an
expert), and then get out of the way.I like to use this Secret Weapon for a
Segment that doesn’t respond to my initial Follow Up or my Remail Campaign.  This will likely get some response, and help
you begin to develop Trust with your prospective client.See you at IRCE next week!Earlier Posts in the IRCE ROI Series:Part 1 of 4:  Define Your IRCE Booth GoalPart 2 of 4: Leverage Other IRCE BoothsPart 3 of 4: Follow Up Immediately with IRCE LeadsPart 4 of 4: Segment and Remail your IRCE Leads


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